Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skylands, the Church, Suffering, Haiti

In autumn, Tim planted for me the trees across Lake Immaculata--the conifers I got to represent the 12 apostles, plus St. Paul, the Trinity, St. Joseph, Mary, and the Church.
Skylands, a gorgeous golden conifer, is planted to represent Holy Mother Church. A buck deer marked it by scraping antlers on main trunk, near bottom. Praying the Church will survive this assault. Appears to be, but will know more come spring. Am offering the intense, on-going suffering, higher levels of pain than ever, plus spiritual assaults, for the Haitian people. Today might try to write more on web site blog. But for now, just wanted to share a photo of "the Church in winter", and the wound on Her main trunk, maybe like the horrendous gash to the people of Haiti. I am stricken, too, in suffering with them, offering my love through the small suffering I have which is great, perhaps too great for me at times--but nothing compared to what even one child whose broken limb has to be amputated, is enduring in Haiti. They have such faith, the Haitians! God bless them! God have mercy on us! Laus Deus!


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