Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sacrificial Decoys

In posting an infrequent blog, an accidental purpose is to draw off those who are obsessed so that they won't have time to blug (blog thug) other Catholics trying to write online. It is a kind of sacrificial blogging. Then not to write on these for awhile, and the dissenters continue to log in for days, weeks, sometimes months, wondering if I will write again. I do not publish their angry comments, of course.

It is a reality in the Church--the sadness of obsessions and dissent. Jesus often encountered the sick.

Recall a situation at a dangerous high school, in which the yearbook staff remained after school to paint sales posters. Two gang members climbed the gates which were closed and locked after 3:15 dismissal, used long scissors as weapon, and lined the yearbook staff up against the front chalkboard. The teacher was getting supplies outside the room, saw what came down, ran to tell the janitor to call the police. No cell phones then. Had terrible time convincing the janitor, a young man himself, as the teacher was quite young and looked like a student. Teacher returned to join the students, all hostages.

Finally the janitor looked in the room, saw, and had a co-worker call the police. Then this janitor entered the room and drew off the dangerous gang member by talking with him, telling him if he is going to fight someone, kill someone, to come get him. The gang member was drawn off.  The young custodian walked backwards out of the room, talking, gesturing, and the gang member followed, brandishing, threatening, his weapon.

The police did several low-rider cars of more gang members. The police drew guns, apprehended the threatening gang member, and the custodian was spared. All the students and the teacher were escorted to their cars. As the back-up gang members saw the police on the scene,  one flashed a gun from under his jacket as they drove off in their low-riders. The police did not see, but the students saw and realized how close this call.

What a sacrifice the young janitor made, risking his life for a dozen students and a teacher. The next day the teacher was called on the carpet for having been so foolish as to think the students could stay after school behind the locked gates to paint posters. "What do you think this is," the toughened assistant principal barked--"Beverly Hills? When the last bell rings, get off the school grounds!"

A victim soul prays for others, for those with emotional and mental disturbances, those with anger, with too much time on their hands, reading blogs they don't agree with but are drawn to, as in vigilante addiction.  It is an offering to draw them off now and then, for they only spend time turning on others.  Offer various sacrifices, be a decoy; pray for their well-being and deeper conversions, and hope for all souls to love one another.

Jesus obviously has great love and concern for these souls. He drove the evil out of demoniacs. Pray and sacrifice for all types of gang members very much a part of our society, even more so today. The devil works in various souls, places, and cyberspaces.


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