Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vicitm Soul Thankful for Bishops' Strong Stances

Am prayerfully thankful for Bishop D'Arcy's stance, and now this statement to Fr. Jenkins by Bishop Olmsted. May there be more to come, as this is a turning point for Catholics. Shine clear lights upon what the Church IS, to be clear lights through, with, in Christ, not only for the world but for foggy Catholics, as well. We must continue to work hard to be heard, harder to be seen witnessing, and most of all to be assured and to assure that prayers will be answered.

What clear-light Catholics can count on are prayer and the Sacraments, unimpeded by disobedience, dissent, and confused contortions of the Faith. Lest we forget that the Most Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary, angels and saints feel our pain, Christ will have victory in this.

Part of that victory is the very fact that clear-light Catholics are willing to lay all else aside and stand firm for the Truth of the Church, to defend Her, and to be media-politic-culturally martyred if necessary.

There is a supernatural reality, and this is spiritual warfare being finally brought out into the temporal scene. It is more than Lenten Penance. Passion week is coming soon. Who is the victor, always, in this world and for all eternity?

Let us lay our lives down for Christ and His Church: turn away from cunning deceptions of politicians--even of foggy Catholics. Be not afraid to be clear lights of Christ and His Church: obedient, prayerful, and sacrificial. Offer all for God, for what remains worthy if we do not have the Truth? Let the Notre Dame scandal be the light switch for conversion.


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