Monday, August 18, 2008

And Yet Another "Other"

Today there are two more comments, both of the same origin (and perhaps this root has divers offshoots). And this "other" has left comments before and doesn't seem to comprehend that those comments and tone are part of the reason why many Protestants are not impressed with Catholics.

However, the "other" asks questions, perhaps somewhat rhetoric and, from previous comments nothing has received but not posted from this soul, an attempt to bait or engage in a joust. Bl. John (mentioned him in a previous blog) gave up jousting for the love of God. Nothing is not up to jousting, either, but the commenter's questions in themselves, stripped of whatever motives good or ill (and that up to God to determine with that person), have a good in and of themselves.

"[nothing's given name used, to what point?], do you think that God likes people to suffer? Do you think that suffering pleases Him? How do you understand suffering?"

Well, dear friend in Christ Jesus and fellow Catholic, these are good questions. And nothing thinks that what it thinks is no doubt expressed as an outflowing of suffering and how the Lord is teaching nothing in the school of suffering. But what is better for you in an answer, is for you to develop what you think, and read the excellent encyclical by the late Pope John Paul II, Salvifici Dolores, as well as the Pope Pius XII encyclical relative to suffering and devotion to the Sacred Heart, as well as the information under the categories of "pain" and "illness" in The Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as the various books about and by victim souls. Perhaps you will be interested in the victim soul guidebook that nothing is hoping to have available by Advent.

Your second comment is a request for private information so that you can be an informant of nothing's writing and nothing's self to those who already know nothing. Yes, they are aware of nothing and seem not to make much ado about nothing. Which seems wise on their part, for who would want to be obsessed over nothing? Thank you for your past and current concerns, however, and always pray for me, as I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.

In fact, some might suggest nothing should simply ignore your comments. But did nothing ignore the lovely Vanessa, a young woman unknown to nothing, who came across the parking lot as nothing was hunched in the car, ice-packing forehead and back, waiting for traffic to clear and pain to ease a bit, before attempting the rather simple, seven-mile drive to Agnus Dei? No, nothing thanked this young woman and said it will be all right to drive itself, as the young woman wanted to drive nothing home. And if nothing had not been all right to drive itself, it would have gratefully accepted. But then nothing said it would pray a thanksgiving to God for this young woman, and told her she is quite perceptive, sensitive, and kindly generous--a marvelous Catholic!

Yes, out of all the Catholics at Mass, this one young woman was aware of someone suffering by the side of the parking lot, and came over to offer assistance. So then this lovely young woman said she did need prayers, and would nothing pray for her to get a job, for she has been in real estate, and we all know about that right now.... She would like a job in sales, in the medical field, to be precise, and nothing said it will pray very much for this; and the next time it sees Vanessa, there will surely be good news to share, and we will rejoice! Vanessa beamed. Lord, hear our prayer!

So nothing asks you, the one who asks these questions, has made various nefarious comments and desires to be an informant of nothing, to please (in between the time spent reading the above recommended and any other books you desire on suffering and victim souls in general) pray for this young woman and that God will help her secure a job of her wishes, for she does seem a lovely soul and would be well-placed in connection with the medical field, don't you think?

And anyone else who might read this, please pray for a job for Vanessa, a young Catholic of whom we can be grateful and proud, and take edifying example. (And a prayer for her mother who she says suffers from back pain and for herself who has migraine headaches.)

As Vanessa is a soul who desires prayers, and nothing is a soul who desires prayers, you who keep dropping by with whatever comments now and then, are a soul, and nothing does not discount any souls who God brings to nothing's attention. Love to suffer; suffer to love! God bless you and Mary keep you!

Perhaps the mentioned reading will be helpful to any others who have an interest in learning about suffering and victim souls, from the best of the sources. The Book of Job is so good, too, and Pope John Paul II references this much in his encyclical.

So, thank you for the comments and questions, Anonymous/R and whatever other alias you go by, for all things work for good for those who love the Lord. And I know you love the Lord, but please try to love nothing, also. Nothing loves you and cares about you, and sometimes is concerned as to why the tendency to anger and rancor as expressed in the past comments. So we shall keep praying for one another, all right, my friend? Reading nothing's blogs is not all that beneficial to you or peace inducing, or so it seems.

[The photo is of the first-blooming Gladiolus, planted this spring in the front corner of Our Lady of Fatima Rose Garden. Nothing had to just get those bulbs in the ground somewhere, and knew once grown would need something to support their height. So it put them by the picket fence, in a spot where a rose bush had passed on, prior to nothing deciding to give roses another try. Anyway, that is a picket fence post behind it, and the morning light cast a shadow, and it seems rather a posed posey, as in some kind of indoor setting. But it is out in the light, exposed to the world and the elements, right next to a red rose bush and doing battle with the Japanese Beetles that are yet flying about and landing to chew and destroy leaves and blossoms.

Just last evening nothing went out and had to whack them off the Bishop's Rose and the Vicar General's Rose with a nearby bamboo rod, for nothing could not manage to get the sprayer readied. Maybe today, maybe not: God willing and body able. Those beetles just hang on and on, and even when dusted with Sevens, drop off but others just keep coming. Some people do not grow roses in these parts due to the pesky little Japanese Beetles--which to look at, have shiny wings...are multi-colored and intriguing.

The devil can be like that, seeming to be just a pretty little bug; but the damage it does to that which is simply trying its best to bloom in Mary's Garden--oh my! The Gladiolus, in Medieval Mary Gardens, was also known as Christ's Sword. Am hoping these Christ Swords growing in the rose garden will fend off the Japanese Beetles


Blogger terry said...

You MUST be better! You make me smile with 'not much ado about nothing' and 'posed posey'. Your photos are always go beautiful. I thank God for Vanessa, and hope you will say yes when you need help that is offered.
With many prayers,

2:52 PM  
Blogger nothing said...

Well--and that can mean feeling well, but is not the case--feeling better for have come to humorously see that it is to suffer or to die, and obviously the former since am still in bodily form! Then, have been thinking about how on the Stairway to Heaven there ought not be the rumbling about pain. Can't that be an act of the will also--to simply not mention one's pain? And if it shows or can't be hidden, to hide oneself?

But am considering that it is good to write about pain, and more so about how to suffer, how to proceed in the midst of suffering, for one day it will be not to suffer but to die, and then we do want to die well, don't we, and also to well die the little deaths along the way, which prepare our souls.

Prayers have helped, and this is something of value have learned--that the prayers (even if the pain level hovers at a certain mark) do bring spiritual insights for others. So am praying all the more, as these insights are very beneficial and maybe even better than physically feeling better. They can help one seem to feel physically better, emotionally better, and much has to do with perceiving [seize, understand, take].

Just as well to perceive the Japanese Beetles as being pretty little bugs, yet as soon as possible excise them with spray.

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!! (That is seven--the perfect number of exclamations!)

3:13 PM  

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