Monday, August 11, 2008

You Will Find Him in Your Pain

Amazing what messages come when one is alone in the Church, kneeling before the Tabernacle of Christ our Lord. He is there. His mother is there. Angels and saints are there.

Once, several years ago, not long after converting to Catholicism, a visit was made in the afternoon, and there was a great deal of physical pain, and yearning, as well as a questioning to Jesus: "Where are You? It seems You have left me!"

Then, from the Tabernacle which was slightly to the right and ahead, and at the same time from the Mary altar, to the left and front, came two small and airy--yet discernible to the naked eye--whitish puffs. They floated toward the questioner, and then hovering next to each other, stopped, above and in front.

Then a woman's voice spoke from the whitish puff which floated from the Mary altar. Gently, firmly, clearly the words resounded: You will find Him in your pain!

A victim soul must always remember this truth. Our Lord is always present, always with us, and especially, we will find Him in our pain. And that goes for any mortal, any human being, who may wonder where He is, or who feels as if left alone by Jesus. One needn't look far to find Him in one's pain. Those who suffer are not alone in their pain. Perhaps they don't know to look there to find Him.

For there, in the pain, is the peace and joy of loving encounter with Christ.


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