Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus

The suffering of this pain siege continues, and yet am able to get up, thankfully. It is all very good and as Julian of Norwich said, "And all shall be well." Thank you for prayers, and be assured of mine for all of you.

An interesting development arose, perhaps even expected, and after consultation am going to be in prayer and will not be blogging for now. Will see what the Holy Spirit desires.

God love you, every one of you, and especially a special soul for whom I have prayed and will always continue to pray.


Blogger Piercedside said...

I would like to know how can one become an official member of the Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart Blog? I hope that you feel better soon and I always pray for all the victim souls.

12:39 PM  
Blogger nothing said...

Dear Pierced Side,

What a beautiful name you have! Maybe it was you at noon Mass, in thought, bringing some sharp piercings of pain, and your prayers that are helping me to keep going, as it was others' prayers and encouragements to do whatever to drag the body to Mass today.

How to be a member of the Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart Blog? Guess you are already, now. Hadn't thought of membership, but perhaps this is a good idea. What do you have in mind? Am yet discerning if I should be writing blogs, and that is going to be determined hopefully soon, by the Holy Spirit and those I look to for wisdom, for seems I have very little, for I get into all kinds of gaffs without intending, sort of walk into the moving blades of the airplane (or now to say sucked into the jets?).

Haven't been doing much writing of sharing of other victim souls lately but have started a book about a young person who suffered and was a member of the Reparation convent.

So you can be officially a member now, through your suffering and prayers. Think perhaps the Holy Spirit is also telling me in this that I need to focus my thoughts on the re-write of the old guide and offer it to others who might be interested.

Will be praying for you! God bless! Thanks for reminding us all to pray for all victim souls, past, present and future.

12:52 PM  

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