Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Question Asked, an Answer Given

[...continued from the message of a couple of posts back, "The Loving Touch of His Pain".

The dear man spoke: And can I ask another question?

"You may speak."

And this is a very important question for me. Is this insight and wisdom, is it from energy outside the spiritual center of [name] or is it anenergy that's really from her and speaking her own inner thoughts in a very altered state? Or are these wisdoms coming from a process outside of her body, outside of her soul, outside of this room?

"This has been, indeed, a concern of yours, is it not?"

Yes it has.

"And the answer is quite clear:

"The strength, the wisdom, as you cal it, comes from God the Father and those who love this being very much, and who come from without and settle within the lovely spirit that we have here embodied in this being who now chooses to live on this earth.

"Does that tell you that this being opens her heart to the outer Source of all beingness and energy? And as she in her time of need would call for those such as her beloved grandmother?

"That it is God the Father, the Source of all beingness and energy who allows the outer love to encircle and reside within her inner being? From without to within, and as you hear now, from within to without as you are without her inner being. Is this clear to you?"

The man, a bit shaken by the interchange, continues: I understand the process and...the actual belief of...emanating from the Father and the aspects of...that's very difficult for me.

"As you may picture, then, waht was spoken previously, a figure 8 in a tube 8. And picture either a source of energy that you might know such as water or neon, and that flows through, and that is in three dimensions for you to understand.

"And that this spirit--this entity [name]--that we have here, is a link.

"Yes, you may even picture her body at a juncture point on this figure 8. And it is at juncture point with the lower back that is of such pain to her.

"And the Source, then, of all energy--of the system that is too incomprehensible for your mind as it is on earth to comprehend--this energy flows, and this body is merely at juncture with the source of all life on this earth, and energy without and beyond this earth and planet.

"Does this help you see?"

The man speaks: Could you answer this question? Is there in the future a physical healing for the body of [name]?

"Only in the sense of this body being linked and nurtured by the ever-flowing source of what you call Divine intervention. As for the body that walks the earth, it will indeed know earthly pain."

Is there any reason for this be in the conscious mind of [name]?

"Well, yes.

"Of course, she needs the help. She desires the help. And very simply put, she asked for help and she receives because she believes and has a great capacity to believe even more that will come and be shown to her-- for her loving kindness and for her espousal to others."

[The woodland anemone, "sylvestris", greets the dawn, and reminds those who suffer that it is in one's great belief and love of God the Father, that He will come and take us into Himself. As the white bloom, a great light glows and beckons all to believe in God and to place our trust in Him, no matter the suffering, no matter the need. And we praise His Holy Name with great love and faith, for we believe! And the more we believe in God and in even the smallest ways attempt loving kindness, He helps us. This is for everyone!

Faith, hope, and love, and greater love than we can comprehend, like the crown of yellow found within the center of the white woodland anemone bloom.... It is the crown of Christ's love for those who love Him and believe, who are willing to offer Him all our inadequate human pain, love and trust. We do this for love of Christ Who gave His Divine and Incarnate All for all souls, as we pick up the crosses He offers so lovingly, with such exquisite, pain that is sheer joy at other levels.]


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