Monday, August 18, 2008

Message to Anonymous/R: Go in peace

And yet another comment from you?

"[nothing's given name], you did not answer me. I wasnt to understand how YOU see suffering? Do you like it? do you think God is pleased that you suffer? What, exactly, do you believe you accomplish by it? Do you think that there has to be a constant ammount of suffering in the world, and that is one person suffers less, another must suffer more? Please try to answer specifically. I am aware of the documents you mention, but they do not answer my questions about how you understand things."

No, dear one, nothing is not going to answer you, for you may not need to know until at some point you may be called to suffer and to learn in the school of suffering, and then to understand how you see suffering, and how you suffer suffering, for isn't that the most important question each soul must learn for him- or herself?

Now, nothing kindly notifies you that it is not going to engage further with your comments, no matter how they are written, for good or ill. Your comments will not be posted or commented upon in reference, henceforth. This is a blog, not a public debate forum. Go in peace--this is nothing's prayer for you.


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