Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vocation Tip by Carthusian Monk of Yore

From a little book on contemplative life by a Carthusian monk (old book):

"If you possess no wisdom, no strength, no prestige, no nobility, if, in fact you are nothing, you will be the better instruments in God's hands. One thing only is necessary for
you. Be ready to put yourselves at the disposal of Him who is and can do all things. Have confidence in Him and in your vocation [nothingness!], and you will see how He can bring forth great results out of your nothingness. He is and remains the Creator.

"When Almighty God has impressed on your mortal bodies the sacred mark of penance, and on your immortal souls the still more sacred seal of prayer; when the irrevocable vows have given God the right thus to take possession of your human existence, then you will feel that though in yourselves you are nothing, in Him you are everything. You will perceive a divine virtue within you and proceeding from you, to give pleasure to God and healing to souls, and this virtue within you and going forth from you will increase day by day as you grow in intimacy with God...."


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