Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sill Here; Still Suffering

Just dropping by on this fifth day of Advent, letting anyone out there who drops by blog, that I am still here and still suffering.

I am particularly suffering as of Friday, as often we tend to get these sufferings on Fridays. Why not? It makes perfect sense.

Even have a notion as to why am suffering, and for whom, for what. But am doing all possible physically to improve, and that includes over-the-counter pain relievers, use of a little kneading pillow an adult daughter gave for early Christmas gift, and soon a hot soak bath. Otherwise taking it slow and easy. Missed both First Saturday Masses, though. Can't push the body beyond reasonable.

Spiritually am praying, loving, living, reading, pondering. Trying to remain in background, learn from Virgin Mary. Learning a Mary song on harp ("I Sing a Maid") as my novena for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I play it daily, sometimes more than once, as my prayer and love to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My confessor seemed to really find this kind of novena special. He said it is "beautiful." I hope so.
The harp playing may not be so beautiful, as I am just learning, and am fairly old to be taking up an instrument, and a difficult one at that, and all the more difficult because sitting raises my pain level very much; however, I think he meant that the desire and offering was beautiful--a beautiful hope of gift to Mary.

I pray for anyone out there who stumbles upon this blog. I still hope to write more about suffering, about being a victim soul. Maybe not in the blog format. Maybe though. I have read more biographies of victim souls, found more obscure ones out there. They always help. Read the biographies of those who learned to suffer well, to offer their sufferings, to make vows of suffering--for Christ, with Christ, in Christ and for souls.

God you all for a blessed, beautiful, loving, suffering Advent!


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