Friday, January 15, 2010

Puff and Pain

Just so much going on spiritually, mystically, physically. Too much to write.

Haiti. Praying for the people in Haiti. Praying for those going to help.

Probably going to encapsulate all my writing onto the web site being developed, but have been in much physical suffering, and the Lord doing things with my soul and spirit, that I do not understand, and am not sure what is going on. So haven't been writing except personal correspondence, and haven't been reading much, either, due to pain level.

But we can always pray, even if it is praying with pain. Maybe that is the best, anyway. Pain sort of puts us in an altered state, or maybe a bit more in the MCW. Definitely sets us out of the temporal if it is severe enough pain.

Am praying about whether to give my web site address or perhaps better to let the Lord decide about who wanders upon it, or not. For sure, it is not going to be all that essential! We are all very inessential in our words. Love is the most essential aspect, if we can learn that in our life times. And that is essential only because God is love. It still has little to do about us, other than if we are in God and He can tough it out to be in us! Well, He purifies us first, so then it is possible, and the purification comes through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I don't think I ever wrote about how I was told that the Blessed Virgin Mary is like a catalytic converter. But maybe I did. Anyway, she is, and our engines don't run well at all without her purifying the air intake. And smudgy cannot enter into something pure, as Jesus is pure, so first must be made clear.

Suffer well, as well as we can! I offered up becoming dreadfully ill the other day, from trying to smoke a first cigar ever, on behalf of our new Bishop! Was SO SICK! No one told me a stubby little mild cigar could do so much to a body that hasn't smoked. Someone asked if I inhaled. What? How? Well,  not likely. Clueless.

Too bad I don't have the stub to take a photo, a third left of the nasty thing. Left it, I think, by the Sacristy door, outside in the snow. Not sure. My friends had to come and haul my carcass to their home, after a Good Samaritan Seminarian held me up and walked me to the parking lot, until I started to pass out, and put me on a step, sitting, and waited until the friends arrived.

My cousin called. I told her the story, which is a lot more than I can begin to write or want to here. She said she'd never smoked a cigar before.... I told her not to. She believes me.


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