Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Child Jesus, Lost and Found....

Son called frantically yesterday. "Use your prayers. I'm in big trouble."

As it turns out, a tape he'd shot of something coming down where he works, was missing. He was on a stake-out, but co-workers had torn apart his desk back in NYC, to no avail of finding it.

So this son (who lapsed from the Church after losing faith while in a liberal Catholic university) wanted me to pray. It might mean his job. So I prayed on the phone, aloud, to Little Child Jesus, lost and found, please help this video tape to come around.

I always like to make it rhyme. And I told him he also needed to ask St. Anthony to help, and for him to pray--that HE needed to do some praying for this.

In fact, a week ago he called while the harp teacher just leaving but couldn't find her car keys, and I prayed to Little Child Jesus while on the phone but also trying to help her find the keys, and within minutes, she held up the keys. My son overheard this. The Faith is in him; it is just kind of lost for now.

Today my son called again. The tape was found in rather amazing circumstances. Somehow just showed up under a fold on his obliterated desk, where they had looked everywhere, drawers pulled out, everything up-ended and dislodged from top to bottom. Yes, amazing.

Not only that, but the story they were working on had amazing outcomes, with much success beyond all expectations.

My son thanked me for the prayers. I reminded my son that we really need to thank Little Child Jesus and St. Anthony, and also his angel Pat who helped him re-locate the person he was following when he lost the trail, and again, amazingly, found the person's car and all unfolded with precision that only God could orchestrate. And reminded him that others prayed, also, but it is God who answers them.

My Protestant cousin had success a week ago when her debit card went missing. She asked St. Anthony to help her find it, and he came through. She uses holy water to great effect, also. Still not keen on Catholicism, but at least Catholic devotions and truths are helping her. The saints and the blessed items do not discriminate between Catholics and non-Catholics. They only want to help, to love, and the blessed items are God's to give to anyone who believes.

My cousin asked the other day for me to repeat the Little Child Jesus prayer so she could write it down.

As for suffering, today is the first day in weeks and weeks that I felt some improvement, and some hope. But this morning I did have a reminder that I am suffering as it is my work, and it is to suffer for priests, for souls, for the Church--yes, maybe especially these days for some of the less palatable aspects of how we Catholics sometimes behave, how we taint Holy Mother Church with our sinfulness, if not foolishness.

But we have truth and love and holy water and saints and guardian angels and Little Child Jesus.

Little Child Jesus, lost and found, help bring more souls around.

[Rarely post a human photo, but decided this reminded me of Jesus finding the lost child, holding the hand to keep from stumbling. It is my son with his little niece (my granddaughter) on a rare visit he made from NYC. Jesus finds us all if we desire to be found. Little Child Jesus, lost and found....]


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