Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holy Stones! Am Going to God!

The stones, foreground in photo, are literally called "Holy Stones". They come from these parts, general region of country. Piled them around in late fall, awaiting spring inspiration but just might leave them piled! In background is Blue Spruce "pendula", with Uncle Jack Fogey Jack Pine in near background, trunk of Weeping Young's Birch. Catch glimpse of a couple upright stones. These are the unmarked Stations of the Cross. Dotted them around gardens; one can begin at any one to make the meditation Way.

So much in my spiritual life has occurred; can't begin to write it. Would miss what is on-going, present moment. No need to share. Have not been writing other than on web pages and decided to let God bring whom He wills to its site and shores. May it pass unnoticed, as far as I am concerned, but a creative endeavor, it is!

Last night, marveling at how God is unfolding events rather rapidly now, and how I am going to God--yes, I am going to God!--I realized that there is more than enough written in this blog about victim souls, to give anyone a good start, an overview, and then some.

After a certain point, it all becomes uniquely individual: the suffering, the messages, the trials, the joys, the spiritual growth, the souls encountered, the mysteries, the Love. So many books to read about victim souls, really. They share bits of their lives, or others share overviews and bits of their lives. Sure, much is left out. The older the book, the more often the grim details are glossed with finales of grandly executed final days and deaths. But in between first cognition of the mission and the glorious, joyful, victorious death, the victim souls do suffer intensely, immensely, and not always heroically. Not at first. It is a process. All of life, each holy stone of our spiritual lives are piled one upon another, painfully so yet beautifully so, creating a landscape in all seasons, awaiting eventual exaltation in God.

Not sure there needs to be any more written, at least not by me, here. Printed out all blogs, hole punched, put loads of pages in binders. Stuck them in a closet, bottom shelf near floor.  Now am going to God, and that, in a way expressed, so my dear readers may interpret in varying ways. Readers gain glimpses of what I write, make varying assumptions as we all are tempted to do, based upon our own souls' panorama, placement, and perspicacity.

A writer of matters mysterious, of spirit and soul and suffering, leaves much left in wonderment, leaves room for pondering, and if one desires, to make assumptions, form opinions, or simply sample for one's own holy stone pile compilation.

 Suffer all for the love of God and for love of souls, my friends who understand and those who don't!


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