Friday, December 14, 2007

Who Do We Find in the Sacred Heart?

As we rest within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, after awhile we sense others with us. Today it is St. John of the Cross, but also there are those others who quietly suffer within His Heart, and suffer the physical, emotional, and mental agonies that God has delighted in bequeathing to His bevy of little victim souls.

Marie's comments on joy and suffering--and of not considering it "I"--go along with the Irish Spiritual Da's letter that arrived yesterday. His sparse comments always hit the mark: He wrote in his 88-year-old, tidy scrawl, on yellow legal notebook paper: There is always the danger of us glorifying ourselves; putting the emphasis on ourselves when all must be for the glory of God.

He also brought up a point [one comes to these points in the awareness of the genderless soul, in nothingness, nesting within the Sacred Heart]--that came once more during Mass this morning, and at the moment of reception of the Holy Eucharist. The Da mentions it, also, in his letter. Would it be better if we spoke of Jesus receiving us (embracing us) in Holy Communion than for us saying we receive Jesus in Holy Communion?

Yesterday it bubbled in ideas when the priest spoke of how we are to take Jesus with us, where we go, and out into the world. But within the Sacred Heart, this genderless soul and victim of love, considered that it is Jesus Who takes me with Him, wherever He goes, and out into the world. And He does this mystically mostly, and sometimes physically by inspiring this body's movement--but always within His Heart-felt influence and will.

Thus, it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ Who has me in Him, and thus we are one, as the Father and Christ are One.

It is in the Sacred Heart that we come to comprehend it is not "my suffering" but rather it is His suffering, and we are simply nesting within His Heart, having been drawn up through the opening of the wound--drawn up out of the world from the point of a spear and tuck-pointed into the nest of His Heart.

[It seems odd, but the thoughts weave in and out the warp to the woof of three blogs, and so I may take these threads over to The Complete Hermit. How many different blogs would a victim soul, a hermit, or one striving to live all for God--write?]


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