Sunday, November 04, 2007

St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi on the Blood of Jesus

St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi was a victim soul and mystic. She had ecstasies which included, among so many holy considerations, that of Jesus' blood. Her own words, recorded by other Carmelite nuns who were ordered by the priest to write the saints' words as she spoke them, help any current victim soul to comprehend and enact what Jesus desires.

St. Mary Magdalene offered to the Father the Blood of Jesus, to placate the Father in regard to sinners. She utilized recourse to the Precious Blood of Jesus for the release of souls in purgatory, to prepare herself for Holy Communion, adn to purify herself from the effects of inevitable daily failings. The Blood of Christ became, for the saint, the key and force that opened all doors, which nothing could resist and gained all her holy desires.

The Father spoke to the saint in these words: The offering of the Blood of My Word is so powerful that through it you can unite whatever you wish. If you wish to unite man to God, you can do so with this Blood and man will be united....If you want to unite God with man, offer this Blood and God will unite Himself to you...."

Many souls render themselves incapable of receiving this blood due to sins, lack of cooperation and desire. The saint saw Jesus hanging on the cross, His Blood gushing everywhere, and that the drops of Blood were like tongues that called to creatures to receive Him. Very few accepted Jesus' Blood. She asked Jesus how His creatures could be so ignorant and also so ungrateful?

She also saw blessed souls who accepted the Blood and became worthy "that God respose in them with the greatest delight and pleasure" and they in turn "reposed sweetly in Him."

St. Mary Magdalene said, "Jesus has willed to keep His most holy Wounds, and especially that of His side, so that we might enter therein as often as we wish, be cleansed anew from every stain...then adorn our souls with His Blood...and finally transform ourselves in God...."

And Unitive Love said to me: 'All the souls that share in the Blood of Jesus, all are comely and beautiful.' And I understood that if a soul could know how great and how precious it is when it shares in the merit of this would melt with sweetness.

"Oh, how powerful, O Word, is Your Blood! And who could ever thank You for It? I offer You this Blood of Yours....May this Blood of Itself thank Itself, rejoice and glory in Itself."

In 1584 Jesus placed His Crown of Thorns in her heart and in 1585 placed it on her head. St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi received the Sacred Stigmata on Holy Monday, 1585. "Five luminous rays left the wounds of her Crucified Spouse to find their target in her hands, her feet and her side and to let her share somewhat in the unspeakable pains of the Redeemer. Immediately she prayed 'that He would not imprint the stigmata visibly in her body, but grant that she would feel only their pain.' And, in fact, the rays soon disappeared, leaving the Sacred Wounds marked on ly in her soul.


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