Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chosen as Victim or Offered as Victim

In a blog site the point was made that Jesus calls and chooses His Victim Souls, and that it is not something one can offer unless chosen.

I disagree. While the writer of that blog cited my confirmation "saint", Sr. Josefa Menendez as example of Jesus choosing victim souls, I consider the revelations of Conchita of Mexico, to whom Jesus came and said He was desiring many willing souls to offer themselves as victims of love and reparation.

Also, Fr. Joseph Kreuter's work on victim souls is based upon the offering that anyone can make if they feel led and "called" to do so, within their hearts. Entire communities of sisters in France made their offerings as victim souls, offering to suffer in reparation for the sins of the world, the offenses against Jesus, to assuage His wounded Heart.

I would surmise that it is rare for Jesus to appear and to ask directly, although He certainly would put the desire in a person's mind and heart, and the Holy Spirit would lead that person to read more and to consider more the vocation of victim soul.

Given what Conchita revealed, and other victim souls, often the offering seems to generate from within the person, and he or she offers the suffering, or to suffer.

This is why it is important to keep the vocation of victim soul as a viable option for people who suffer, who will suffer, who are willing to suffer in their comprehension of the mystical elements of suffering in union with Christ.

Those who are specifically chosen and agree are victim souls. Does this mean that those who offer themselves without a crucial vision or locution are not chosen as well, and chosen by the seed planted within their hearts by the Holy Spirit? They are chosen but in a way not obvious. This victim soul may never realize that the invitation came but in a subtle manner. Yet the person offers to suffer, or offers his sufferings, for Christ and His Church (provided the person's intentions are pure and healthy) is acceptable as a victim soul.

Jesus told Conchita He needs many, many who are willing to suffer for love and in reparation.


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