Monday, June 04, 2007

Elizabeth de Dijon, of the Holy Trinity

Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity, a Carmelite who lived and died in Dijon, France, in 1906 is an excellent model of victim suffering. She suffered in love for God, and she was purified in the process of suffering and of deep yearning for Him. She comprehended that the Trinity dwells within souls who prepare themselves for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This preparation is a daily process. We must strive to clean and order our souls by having as pure of hearts and minds as possible for humans. It is a daily process in our temporal abodes and also in our physical and spiritual abodes: body and soul.

I haven't been feeling at all well. Perhaps I should try to go for walks or do more manual labor, but the pain causes the energy to drop. Thankfully, I make it to Mass and an errand now and then. Elizabeth of the Trinity reminds me to embrace this suffering for the love of God and souls. It is this suffering, this daily dying, which will conform me to the Crucified Savior.

One must expect suffering of all types when one agrees to give all to God. Jesus said to pick up our crosses daily and follow Him. The reality of His words are truly meant. I don't mind at all, for there has been yet another reminder of my death having already come and gone; and I must live in this world as one dead and set apart, for I am.

In this, there can be great rejoicing, but interiorly so. The physical body still pains, and that pain does not allow easily for exterior rejoicing.

St. Arsenius (hermit) said, "Fly; remain silent; rest."

That is a good thought for today.


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