Monday, March 20, 2006

No Hugs for Harold; No (Particular) Harolds

A victim soul is a permanent employee of God but is placed in temporary positions.

Only God is forever.

I have learned over the years that a victim soul must be a loner. This does not preclude people--people-souls of this realm and past-people-now-souls of the other. We consider them all people and souls, all the same.

A victim soul is on permanent work status, on the payroll with a host of other victim souls mostly unknown and unseen. It is a singular job for singular people. To arrange the proper venue, God has to do some stripping and eliminating, and the victim soul, if agreeable to these conditions, acquiesces to the necessary job requirements.

I have learned over earth time and through awkward, potentially hurtful situations, that a victim soul cannot have particular friendships. A victim soul may desire to be outwardly loving and affectionate to one and all; a victim soul may think he or she can handle specific relationships equally between genders and age ranges. This is not the case.

A victim soul must remain one for all and all for one. No matter how the other might try to convince that the friendship is spiritual only, no matter age differentials which might seem to assure spiritual specificity, it doesn't work. A simple hug for one person might be just that; for another it might mean attachment or preference.

Now, I'm not suggesting no hugs for anyone. Just no hugs for those who might become attached or possessive or needy for more and more hugs.

Making sure that one does not develop friendships of this realm with one person more than with any other is a ground rule for victim souls. And what of the other realm? The same is true with one exception: God in Three Persons. One can have particular friendship and all the hugs in the world and eternity for God. As for the Mother of God--all the saints--and angels, one can hug them all, love them to intangible pieces! But know that a victim soul, even with the saints and angels, needs them all inclusive and separately, at one and the same time and at specific, particular times and situations. And, it is true that everyone in life has a particular Guradian Angel. All these friends suffice from eternity and into this earthly life.

A victim soul must not have particular friendships in the earthly journey. A victim soul needs to remain free to be placed on assignment for any length of time, with any persons, without any binding restrictions or niggling complications. A victim soul is a temp employee with a permanent function for and by God alone.


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Jesus had particular friendships.

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