Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trigger-Point Pain

Triggers pulled by fingers not our own shoot memory bullets.

More is written on this subject on my other blog: OmniaproDeo.blogspot.com

Yes, all for God. And my conclusions on the topic of how to avoid triggers which open gunshot wounds from the recent or distant past is to create a cave-dwelling for the soul. Sometimes the body must seek refuge in the cave for protection from those who hold guns, even if they do not realize their behavior, comments, or visual reminders pull triggers, shooting painful bullets--or rip open scarred trajectory pathways.

Triggers precede painful incidents and click warnings, too late to avoid the wounding. It is the quick response in binding up and the will power to remove oneself from the people, location, and trigger fingers which make the difference in survival.

Sometimes a new location, a fresh start, is the answer. A cave elsewhere. Sometimes the cave must be created in the mind: a resting place, a refuge of protection for the soul. Creating this interior cave is more challenging, requiring more discipline and counter-cultural existentialism, a kind of ontological aloneness which is not emphasized in Scripture, save Elijah in the cave and a sprinkling of other OT types who physically lived in caves for a time. But the interior cave in which Elijahs and others more prolific and exemplified in OT and NT types and archetypes, requires additional prayerful contemplation.

Caves of the mind for the soul are necessary for physical sufferers and more so for the mental and emotional and spiritual suffering victim souls.

A major project which I hope to complete is a personal search through this soul's resume: a hunt for here-and-now experiences and spiritual world experiences to ascertain validity of the victim soul state. No conclusions yet. Maybe it will come down to faith alone--faith in the supernatural, as suffering ends up in that world sooner or later.


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