Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Victim Soul as God's Bauble

Being useless qualifies one to be God's bauble. An ornament for Jesus, that's what I be. A good ornament, too, most of the time.

Bauble derives from Old French "baubel", meaning child's toy. A jester's baton was called a bauble in Medieval England. The word now connotates a figurative something of worthless value. These thoughts support being good useless.

Consider a Christmas ornament. Hanging amidst tinsel and lights and other ornaments from a branch of an evergreen tree, it be's good useless. Might be noticed individually, might be noticed as a total effect, might not be noticed much at all. Being noticed is not part of being good useless or of being a God's bauble. God's bauble is being a child's toy for Jesus. If He notices, good. Being an ornament for Jesus means reflecting Him, reflecting His love back to Him. If others snatch a gimmer of this reflection upon viewing the bauble, good. If not, just as good and not bad. Being a good useless bauble for Jesus does not require doing anything. Being good useless reflects light and loves hanging.

There is suffering in hanging. Loving suffering means loving Jesus who suffering hung on a tree.

A man awhile ago, here at Panera, asked me why sometimes it is said that "Jesus hung upon the tree." I explained the "tree" is an image for the "cross." Oh.

God's bauble, the child toy of Jesus, must love, also, being hung up on the tree.


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