Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Victim Soul Must Be Useless

A victim soul is nothing. A victim soul must be useless. Being useless. Being.
Uselessness is not detrimental or negative. Uselessness is being.

Appearance is useless to a victim soul. Doing is useless to a victim soul. Being suffering seems useless. Being united with the Eucharist in suffering is unseen, inactive, and very good.

One must hold uselessness like a lifeless body in one's mind and experience the suffering of nothingness in one's heart, for a victim soul is nothing in Christ Who is Everything in suffering and in redemption.

In this, uselessness has meaning but remains unseen, undone, but exists in being. The ontological nihilism of suffering is for a victim soul dying with Christ to rise in love. Love to suffer; suffer to love.


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