Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ; and reactionary suffering

Not that anyone reads this, except one or two and all those on the other side who have suffered greatly and loved greatly the One Who suffers and loves the most--I am checking in with a couple of little thoughts today.

It is Father's Day, and I wish every man on earth could have heard the homily that Fr. Edward of Sri Lanka delivered at the 7:30 a.m. Mass. But, more than hearing it, I wish all men would follow what he said, fathers or not. I ended up praying for all the fathers in Purgatory, but he asked everyone to pray for fathers living. They will die someday, so it is as well to pray now for the dead ones, too.

Now I will mention something about reactionary suffering. This is a most terrible suffering because it causes souls to be discouraged just in reactions to other people's reactions to one's actions! It can also cause suffering in souls' reactions to frustrating situations, to pain, to events.

This is like a butterfly that doesn't keep flying from grabbing hands and swooping nets. That butterfly gets caught and wings smudged, broken, or body chloroformed and pinned on a styrofoam mounting board.

Jesus allowed Himself to be caught, true. But He did not allow His soul to be trapped by negativity. He did not allow anyone or any situation to hinder His freedom in joy and love. If He was frustrated or discouraged, He didn't stay in that state long. He kept winging His way along the Father's will and toward the Cross, and toward Heaven, for sure.

I have observed a person who reacts with negativity, and I admit that I have been frustrated and vented to this person, and that I am a strong individual with strong vision and ideas, and plans on how to attempt reaching some goals, for the love of God and with hopefully good intentions. However, this other person ought to be one who is strengthened to a high degree with the Body and Blood of Christ, not to mention interior formation and the graces of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Naw. Discouragement, perhaps justifiable in the complaining, demanding, mediocrity of us Catholics, seems to have tainted his butterfly wings. Hmm. Hard for me to picture this soul with butterfly wings! Yes, I must envision him with little, fragile wings--yet strong in winging through life and leading hoardes of butterflies along with him.

Not yet, though. For now he is more like a worker bee, buzzing rather loudly and fighting his way through the honeycomb, expending great effort and stinging some and not stinging others. He gets the job done, though, and that is something very good.

But there is great suffering going on, and I mean suffering within me in my reactions to the worker bee. In fact, I suffer from reactions to many incidents I observe.

This is stupidity and foolishness! Jesus said that those who call others a "fool" will face the fires of gehenna. Is it permissable for a person to call herself a fool? I would not dare call others fools, knowing the consequences now. But truly, it is foolish of me to react to reactions or actions. It is self-inflicted suffering, and this is unnecessary.

With the Body and Blood of Christ in me daily, and most days twice, there should be a reaction of joy from deep within to without and back within.

As far as worker bees and frustrations and even physical pain which drains and creates challenges to butterfly flutterings, there is a tangible solution: fly away from these encounters either physically or within the mind and soul. Do not drag that kind of suffering and habitual reaction to negativity along life's journey. Do not drag it along in the soul into eternity, either!

Reactionary suffering can be dealt with, perhaps needing some practice and effort in doing so; but it is not a suffering which is necessary to endure. Shake the dust from the sandals! Move on to the next town! Take back your peace and leave that household! Love and be joyful! Be humble and gentle! Butterflies are free!


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