Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Suffering of Envy

I suppose envy is about as close to pride as a vice can get. It is a terrible, unnecessary suffering.

Envy may take the form of simply "wishing" that things had been different. Memories and thoughts bring envy to the fore and afflict the mind and emotions with such pain!

They must be countered by, for one suggestion, offering the memories and thoughts--the vice of envy and pride, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for His glory, and then also for the conversion of sinners, the offenses against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Then, one must literally drive away the thoughts and memories, and whatever comments or negativities triggered them, far, far from the temple of the soul!

Envious thoughts usually have their root in pride. For example, comments from adult children may refer to their unhappiness in the past, or to strained relationships in the present, as if to say, "You weren't a good parent" or "My childhood was miserable, but I'm happy now." Well, in truth, maybe the parent wasn't so great, but maybe for legitimate reasons which are humbling. Or, maybe the childhood was, thus, miserable from certain situations.

Yet, it is a painful negative to hear and ponder. So one must not because the past is over. Apologies may be made and should be made, but one must not allow in the effects of pride--pride from thinking one should have been a perfect parent and the envy of perhaps others who make comments which point out how great a parent they are and aspersions to how awful other parents are. These comments are envy bait! Envy of those who did a better job of parenting or who have both parents intact in the adult family.

One must turn, like the Apostles in the boat on the stormy sea of vices--turn to Jesus and ask Him to calm the torments! He will bestow His peace.

He will use the suffering of envy and pride, turned away from the interior where it could do tremendous damage if allowed to settle in. He will take the efforts of casting out the envy and pride and return the soul to a state of humble acknowledgement of the beauty of the present moment: a moment of peaceful patience, love, joy, and freedom from suffering negativities.

The negativity of suffering from envy and pride can be turned to joy in humility.


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