Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Jack

There is a little infant boy named Jack who suffers greatly. When he cries, no sound comes out for he has a tracheotomy. His twin brother is robust and growing, moving about some, and Little Jack lies helplessly still and grows little.

He had a stroke in the womb prior to his birth. It is a very rare occurrence.

His grandmother has great faith in dealing with the circumstances, as do the parents.

I told the grandmother that Little Jack is our youngest victim soul we know, making reparation for sins of the world, helping Jesus in His on-going work of salvation.

Do we think of these suffering souls as victim souls, as those making reparation for our faults and lack of love? We should. We should think of Little Jack lying in his crib, tubes in his throat and stomach, soundlessly crying the anguish of this world.


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