Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Message Via the Bishop

The Bishop in his homily on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception spoke of Pope Benedict XVI's newest encyclical on hope. Within his homily, he mentioned that the Pope brings back the older notion of offering up our sufferings in union with the Sacred Heart.

This brought once more to mind the book I was rewriting and perhaps not only rewriting but being led by God to include some additional aids, for those souls desiring and also called by Christ to be victim souls of His Sacred Heart.

Yes, this is the very title of the book, only partially completed and not worked on for nearly two years.

So this soul must put things in order, and get the library room of this hermitage, orderly, and to locate the rough draft and also the computer file, and take the original, scarce book off the shelf, and to continue writing.

After all, two blog readers have commented that they would find this book quite beneficial. Granted, the concept of victim soulhood is not a huge desire nor encompasses the interest of a major wedge in our current culture, but given the fact that a Pope in 1928, and a Pope in 1956, and now a Pope in 2007 have written encyclicals relative to offering sufferings in reparation and in union with Christ, the book must be completed--even if but one soul asked for it.

I may not be writing as much on the blog. I don't know yet. I do need to put the days and nights in better order and to settle down to the task. The hermitage needs more order, my distractions need to be disciplined and thus put in order--all needs to be ordered love in order to continue the writing and come to completion, and then let the Sacred Heart decide how to get a copy to the one or two souls who would like it.

More transpired yesterday, regarding the Bishop, but I have written about it on a different blogsite which also takes God's good and precious gift of time, for the victim soul is also a hermit, and the evolving nature of the hermit life and suffering require some expression, also. This hermit-victim soul prays for the ordered love in all matters of this life and of the supernatural life. Spiritual reading is a must; and the hermit-victim soul has begun a book on the interior life which is of immense benefit to any soul and must be read through from beginning to end, but slowly. It is called: The Interior Life, written by A Carthusian, and edited/translated by Fr. Tissot. Out of print, but still available on-line!

Pray for me, anyone who might happen to read this, that I finish writing/rewriting the book that may be of help to all of us victim souls.


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