Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Some Realities

I recognize, after more years' experience, reading, prayer and listening to God, that the topics of this post have been confusing for some, and also have attracted unhealthy persons in other ways--those who do not understand the value of suffering but also the rightness of suffering that is allowed in natural ways by God in the vicissitudes of life, as opposed to encouraging or asking for or taking on suffering out of some misguided notion that God desires us to be unwell or to make ourselves suffer.

My life is going through massive deeper conversions at this point, and so I will leave this post here for awhile, but otherwise am going to privatize the previous posts so as to make sure that they are not confusing to people who are not able to discern what I've tried to express.  Also, in my study and experience of victim souls, I have found that the advice of priests and even the bishop who advised me for awhile, thought and believed, that I am not finding actual back-up in Scripture nor the advantage of their notions about victim souls, as it has come to more an excuse or condoning of then people being mistreated in some ways, as something honorable.  Rather, as the Body of Christ, we are to progress in charity and learn from history, and brutalizing or persecuting others was never something God asks us to do in order for some to be then declared holy or sanctified after their deaths....  There needs to be firm and solid intelligence in the ways of suffering; and again, I think that some people who were attracted to this site did not have the comprehension or decision-making, discerning reading modalities to understand the difference between God-allowed and nature-allowed suffering, and that which some mistakenly think they must encourage, entice, or create for themselves or others.

God bless His Real Presence in each of you, by the way!


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