Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suffering: Outside-the-Walls

I continue to pray to love suffering, to embrace it and consider myself very blessed to be given so much, and to pray for closeness to Christ and distance from all that is not Christ. I guess that would be sin that I must avoid, and it can come in little things, in a way, the little distractions. Maybe the gardens and ducks that were checking out a place for a nest, help more remind me of simplicity and goodness, or the simple pots.

I seem to be like St. Paul Outside-the-Walls--that beautiful church in St. Paul's honor, built where his head was chopped off and bounced three times, which at the time was built outside the walls of Rome, yet today of course is quite in the city, since Rome grew far beyond the initial "walls".

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Really a Victim Soul Now

The Da called. He says I am really a victim soul now.

We don't know what is going on, me especially. The stripping down. Lots of temporal unknowns.

Lots of mystical unknowns, too, other than I am here, and the Catholicism is more here in God, in suffering, in prayer, and in the books.

It all changes, the temporal Catholic world means even less to those plucked from it, in a temporal sense, yet those plucked from it suffer and pray for the temporal Catholic world all the more.

Trying to list out the flora of the gardens on web site. Got the Japanese Maples listed, but no photos or descriptions yet.

Took a photo of the golden crocuses blooming. Awoke yesterday wondering what good do the $3000 gold vestments hanging in the sacristy closet, do for people like me, or anyone? But the gold crocuses, they do me much good, and the good they do illuminates some hope, and helps me pray better for the ones who purchased the $3000 gold brocade vestments hanging in the sacristy closet. A shame, for in healthier days, I could have sewn them for $50...donated the time.