Friday, October 14, 2011

Victim Soul Vocation Confirmed

Yesterday I met with my spiritual director.  He has many years as prelate and vast experience in the spiritual life.  I am blessed by God to have him be the earthly guide and guardian of my soul.

After much prayer and discernment on his part of what I have long sensed and acted upon the inner knowing of what seems to be a dual vocation of victim soul and hermit, my spiritual director affirmed that I am a victim soul.  He said it is quite beautiful.

At home, I had physical and emotional reaction.  My body realized how tired it is, and my mind was weary.  The emotions became intense, burning, with flames fanned by some key memories of two incidents in adolescence in which I knew something of my destiny but not in particulars--but had made an intense commitment of what I would do, without knowing what that would be, for God.

Those memories, along with the confirmation of victim soul vocation, coming from this venerable bishop, coupled with some powerful dreams of the past week, brought up an overflow of yet more emotion which drained the body and mind so the soul could absorb at some level subconsciously, the reality of what this means.

I share this for the benefit of those who have read these blogs and questioned the credibility and/or validity of the vocation of victim soul, and for those who have been concerned and wrote elsewhere detraction of what I have written in these blogs, concerning the vocation of victim soul in the Church historically and today, as well as the viability of the vocation for those who God calls either prior to their making an offering or later on, fulfilling their offering to do something for God not yet knowing what that was going to be.

God bless His Real Presence in you.