Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Suffering of Forgetfulness!

How marvelous to realize that the hermit-victimsoul has quoted the same passage written by "A Carthusian" not once, but twice--and a couple days apart!

In pain, the mind becomes at one with the pain. The will is in union with God's will in the pain. And where is the pain? It is in God; it is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. That is where pain resides, where suffering becomes love and love becomes suffering, and love begets peace and joy and all the other fruit of the spirit.

What are these fruits? The numbed mind (for it is having increased suffering in the present moment) turns to Galations 5:22; the mind knows this location from years of re-mindings, and the will desires to remind the intellect once again with the contents.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit, delivered in every present moment to our genderless souls in nothingness, nesting within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, free of charge:

Begnignity (literally "well born"; not harmful in effect; gentle)
Longanimity (literally "long soul"; equanimity in the face of suffering and adversity; forebearance)
Continency (literally "holding together"; restraining oneself; exercising self-control)

Against such there is no law. And they that are Christ's have crucified their flesh, with the vices and the concupiscences.

Aren't benignity and longanimity lovely words with beautiful meanings? Well all the fruit are luscious to the soul, and longanimity is especially beneficial to the victim soul. Yes, to possess a long-soul is a benefit.

To be a victim long-soul--what a treasure-in-vocation!

I know of someone who is stressed easily; she has a sensitive soul. She also is very fundamentalist in belief system, and yet fears much and uses the words "stress", "stressed", and "stressed out" frequently. I pray for longanimity for her. Recently, she has been stressed over a relative with Alzheimer's. She has come to the point of not being able to visit often if at all, and becomes quite stressed with reports by others who visit the Alheimer's sufferer.

So we come to the point here: the suffering of forgetfulness--and suffering, suffering, suffering.

What a gift it is to suffer--when the suffering is within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, when the suffering is ripe and plump as the fruit of the Spirit. Forgetfulness? In the light of suffering, in the richness of fruitful suffering: Is it then something to be feared or a negative?

No. This is the point at which all suffering becomes meaningful, useful, and blessed: the lance point wounding the Sacred Heart--our hearts and Jesus' Heart where within we lovingly, peacefully, joyfully, patiently, gently, in goodness, mildly, faithfully, modestly, continently, and chastely nest. And we do so with long souls, in equanimity of all truth.

This is the truth: suffering molds the soul through the Wound and into the very form and fomenter [poultice, lotion; to heat and cherish] of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

What is so painful about forgetfulness? It is humbling, yes; it demonstrates not remembering, of not being mindful--and of what? Most often, it is to not be mindful of the passing things of this world, of all creatures, and in this, meaning all created by God that is not God. Within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is God; and if the soul is within His Heart, then all else may be painlessly forgotten.

Now, of course, while in our bodies, we have earthly duties; but forgetfulness, as in any type of suffering, the soul can learn--can be molded--into mindfulness of God, and therein the fruit of the Spirit nourish the soul.


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