Friday, December 14, 2007

Now, A Carthusian Lit Upon Quite a Glorious Flame

The hermit-victimsoul copies this from the soul's hermit blog, as increasingly the three blogs being written touch one upon the other like a three-wicked candle's flame. So I share it again here--share this Carthusian's insights which are insights available to all of us; but perhaps he has an inner ear trained to the tune of which we are just beginning to hear.

Now here is yet another meditation for souls who desire to live all for God, and who suffer as victim souls, and who strive to live all for God and in their suffering, as hermits--and really, for all souls.

A Carthusian writes in silence and solitude, speaking to us in printed word long after he is dead not only to this world while alive, but dead to this world and dead in his body:

There are souls who seek solitude merely in order to find themselves: there are others who seek it so that they may give themselves. Still, it remains to be lived!

Happy those who know how to put their whole soul into all they do. Because they are giving themselves, they will be able to bear much suffering, but their happiness will exceed their suffering, since the gift of self is the sourc eand condition of life, and therefore of spiritual growth and joy. Go on, then, giving yourself: go on your joy in that precious suffering that the gift of self entails. God Who became man knew no more excellent way than this when he was on earth.

Now, the hermit-victimsoul-striving to be in genderless state of nothingness nested within the Sacred Heart, will cease the morning's writings, and reflect on these inspirations while putting a few externals into loving order about the hermitage.


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