Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Prayer of St. Faustina

A friend who suffers much with mental struggles sends quotes from the holy books she reads. This prayer of St. Faustina seems so good for anyone. It is true that especially, perhaps, with physical pain, the suffering becomes, also, one of mental suffering. Sometimes physical pain takes the mind to the brink! Loss of control over thoughts and words spoken, becomes a challenge!

"When I receive Holy Communion, I entreat and beg the
Savior to heal my tongue, that I may never fail in love of

At first I thought of praying to have my tongue curbed, but it can too easily drive away recklessly.
But to have one's tongue "healed" is something more effective and lasting. And, the healing is
to ensure that one loves others with words spoken.

Of course, much of a victim soul's work for Jesus is to not speak but to simply suffer in
silence. And by simply, it is meant with generosity which is a simple giving over.

The suffering itself might not seem so simple in the exactitude required!

It seems that using the tongue can be very exhausting for one who is suffering. The
energy is depleted by speaking. Best to learn to have the tongue healed in a mode
of not speaking, in silence. Most healing does come silently, does it not? Perhaps
all healing is a silent occurrence. Seems so. And often healing takes time; yes, most
healing takes time other than miraculous, instantaneous cures. And when healing
does not come in a physical or mental sense, there is always the spiritual healing
that always comes, sooner or later.

We must ponder more the supernatural healing from the supernatural realm in which
Jesus operates upon our members--physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

The body that this soul utilizes while on this earth, in this lifetime, has taken a dip in
energy over the past year. So especially, it needs to ponder the spiritual healing and
its vast benefits--and then consider the small sacrifice of the body. For it is a small
sacrifice in the full spectrum of life. The full spectrum is illuminated by the spiritual.
Too bad we are often blind to or blinded by such light and love!

This puts into perspective all the more the delight in having one's tongue healed so
that it can love the other and the Other, to greater effect and to spiritual fullness. To
speak with many tongues or other tongues, might be open to thought, given the aspect
of the spiritual view of communicating! Not much with words, and often not with the
bodily actions. There is a means of speaking spiritually, interiorly, and not even with
thoughts formed in words.

That is a healing of the tongue, surely!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you, dear one. I have been inspired by your writing and your recent posts regarding suffering remind me to keep you close in prayer.
Have you read The Way of Divine Love by Sister Josefa Menendez? She also was a victim soul of the Sacred Heart.

7:52 PM  
Blogger nothing said...

Sr. Josefa has been on my mind lately! My spiritual da just yesterday read a quote from a book I lent him, and brought it out this morning to share on a blog. It had to do with Jesus reminding her of her nothingness and His all-ness.

"The Way of Divine Love" is the first book a priest gave me to read--thirteen years ago--who gave me private instruction and then confirmed me, but also brought up the matter of victim soul.

I ended up choosing Sr. Josefa as my confirmation saint (and name). It was a crunch between St. Teresa of Avila and Sr. Josefa; and at the last moment to decide, it seemed that St. Teresa was just fine with my choosing Sr. Josefa since Sr. Josefa was so hidden. She is very linked in many ways. We can relate with her suffering and admire the way in which she was so humanly alone, even in the convent where others spoke French and she spoke Spanish.

Thank you for praying. I do need prayer, and I could sense the strengthening from prayers! I now will praise God for a new morning. My neighbor woman needs prayer as she has had another outburst, and I must notify the sheriff detective. Am trying to view such matters rationally, and it reminds me of those who live around hate in their own homes, with much fear and violence. What suffering that is!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you read The Diary of a Country Priest? You should.

12:09 PM  
Blogger nothing said...

Yes, Georges Bernanos wrote a literary masterpiece. The movie, also, is excellent--and is noted as being rather more a literary artistry than the novel! The symbolism, the characters, the plot and use of light and shadow, of doorways: tres magnifique!

"Does it matter? Grace is everywhere...."

In one of those effective moments, my confessor quoted the closing lines--when he did not realize I'd just finished it the night before!

12:48 PM  

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