Friday, May 30, 2008

More on Bruised Reeds....

Well, perhaps--just thoughts. No authoritative answer on why a bruised reed He will not break!

However, it does seem that bruises have the particularly quality of providing humility. They are a humbling wound, injury, mark. They come often from humbling bumps, hits, internal injuries, hidden and unknown causes that one cannot pinpoint, as well as from, sadly, abuse.

A bruised eye can come from a fall, walking into a door edge, or being hit in the face.

Bruises are unattractive injuries. Often they cannot be seen by others, but yet they are painful when touched. They color up and change into ochre-looking, under-skin ponds of blood and other bodily fluid, drying up sub-skin tissue. In the case of interior bruises, they are felt and not seen. The suffering is not visible to others, and there is no sympathy unless one explains.

The Lord does not break humble souls. He stretches them, it seems. Humility allows the bruised soul assurance of the Lord's love; and love is expressed in humble suffering.

Jesus was bruised but not broken. Not a bone was broken!

Anyway, it seems a consideration. And bruises are thus more appealing for the spiritually desirous victim soul, for the virtue of humility surfaces once more as a definite benefit and grace. There is a balm in the humble bruise.


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