Friday, June 13, 2008

The Holy Spirit Will Guide You

The confessor this morning gently reminded me of this, and am to pray to the Holy Spirit before I speak. The Holy Spirit will help me discern spirits, as well.

A dear soul has written another e-mail, encouraging. I did not post the first comment, due to her private identity information included. This one is helpful, and I post it for everyone, as it is a message to all souls who love God and who suffer in love, in desire to love and to be pleasing as a living, holy holocaust.

"Dearest Nothing: Sorry it has taken so long to respond, having computer problems... I can wait as long at it takes for the guide, just let me know when and how to obtain a copy. Am being brief. I don't know whether this message is on the blog for all to read. Want to repeat that your writings have been such a blessing - true direction, and a balm for the soul. With deepest gratitude and in the Sacred Heart. Sincerely, [code name which indicates a love for the day of Christ's birth]: (I love Christmas!)"

The guide is that re-write of the one I had started two years ago! I am praying to begin working on it when the heavy work of the Mary Garden is over.

So, dear lover of Christmas, thank you for the encouragement. It helps solidify the mission, to just adore Him, and to know that some are called out of the world, for very few encounters, in order to have the energy--yes it does take physical effort--to suffer, and to grow within the cocoon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to remain hidden, and yet to love. To love to learn to love.

How can the interior physical suffering be described? It is not necessary. God knows. The goal in remaining hidden is to not let it show exteriorly. Sometimes this brings misunderstanding, which is the point: to suffer misunderstanding as another offering of praise to God, in union with Him Who was misunderstood even in His suffering in silence when His followers did not comprehend, when He was surely weary not only physically but also from inner sight--of seeing and trying to say, but being misunderstood, and then of being quiet and still being misunderstood. He bore the sufferings of what He perceived; and He went off to pray.

There is a suffering of which perhaps I have not made clear. It is not so much physical suffering as it is some interior aspects. It is seeing with inner sight, and while some might think that would be wonderful, it is actually quite painful. And then, at times, those with that capacity desire to shut down to it, or to ignore it, and then the soul finds itself all the more in a kind of suffering from the effects of having ignored certain warnings or essences.

When capacities increase, there is a desire to hibernate all the more for protection from the world.

And, the spiritual suffering is eased by the nesting in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And, when physical aspects of suffering accompany the interior capacities (which years ago someone called "gifts") then the situation is such that the person realizes there is no choice, anyway, but to hibernate, to rest.

It is in the rest, the nesting within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, wherein resides His mother, that the soul prays in the subtleties of God's realm. The Holy Spirit breathes in that realm--touches gently the soul's pale cheek, kisses the soul's unkissed lips so as to whisper God's assurances down deep into the heart where the soul has learned to think.

Think with your heart! Think with your heart! Think with your heart!

It seems as if I am not doing enough for God! Surely He is displeased with the way the hours slide by--His hours. When planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, pruning, transplanting--has the soul set specific intentions? The heart thinks so. The mind does not recall.

In this time of economic hardship for so many, is it right to purchase mulch to keep the roots of the trees, roses, groundcover, perennials, shrubs, and annuals cooled? The overworked employees in the garden section of a warehouse type store think so; it helps pay their salaries. But the ambiance of the place has altered, and people have lost jobs, gotten hours slashed, and those remaining are doing the work of two or maybe two and a half.

To drive 12 miles and back to the nursery that is out in the fields and woods--to browse on an overcast day, with maybe rain (and that makes it all the better) will cost $5 in gas and perhaps much more in the perennials possibly purchased. Yet it is a day for breathing the breath of God that flows sweetly in the moist breeze, to have a gentle encounter with one or two who might be there, far different from the rush of souls in large garden centers...or even at the noon Mass.

It has become best to go to early Mass, with the few people there to pray and worship, peacefully--and none rushing forward for position, either in physical steps or in sensate gestures seen within their souls. It is best to open up to God as He wills, yet to remain stilled and silent, taking God's time as He offers it, seeing it as He sees time, in a continuum of spiraling motion such as light within a rainbow's glimpse, eternally available.

Yes, God's time is eternal, and only God is forever.

Only within Him do we flow in the spiraling continuum of God's time forever.


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