Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Boost from the Meditations on the Sacred Heart

A Carthusian writes more on the love of the Sacred Heart for us--that Jesus' Sacred Heart actually died as a human heart stops beating, then spent time in the tomb, then rose and entered eternal life. His actual heart suffered these stages as a human heart would, and yet His is the Heart of God!

Psalm 93:19 is quoted [this may be actually in Ps. 92:19 if the ref. is the Douey tr.].

According to the multitude of my sorrows in my heart, Thy comforts have given joy to my soul.

Also, cited is Psalm 138:18 [or 137:18]: I rose up and am still with Thee.

Then the Carthusian writes of how Jesus allowed His mother's heart to be joined with His, and this invites all our hearts to be joined with His.

It is easy to forget the reality that when one is a genderless soul, in nothingness, nesting within the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary's Immaculate Heart is nesting in there, too. No better place to be when an earthling, than within the Sacred Heart.

The cousin called. We spoke of some struggles her husband is having on the same theme of what others are doing, and reacting. He compares himself with others at work. We are now praying that she have an opportunity to show the Light of Christ, and to help him see what we all must learn to see: God alone; solus Deus.

St. Silouan's understanding of being able to, by love, draw others into that love, remains a heart-expanding reflection. We take all the souls out there, and love them into the nest with us, and by our lives in that nest of the Sacred Heart, others come to nest quite comfortably. If there is wrong-doing or misunderstanding, we accept the pokings and stabbings of the lances, on behalf of the souls we've invited in by the love God has so graciously given us. If we are able to comprehend a touch of His love, and others have not so much, then we surely can withstand some jabs. And we know in our own sinful state, that yet others are enduring wounds suffered in love for our wrongs.

These are the multitudes of sorrows, and God's love is the comfort that brings joy to our souls! All this is the simple work of the victim soul of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Joyfully take the stabs, in love, and know that God will comfort with joys. And that the more sorrows we can bear, the more joy. These truths take spiritual understanding, in faith. Must let them soak in like the sun on the clear, thickening ice on Lake Immaculata. Even ice can be penetrated by the rays on a sub-zero winter day.

In laughter, we can appreciate our own foolishness and the foolishness of others. We can appreciate that love will turn the prickings into yet more love, and joy abounds. We might think we are down, but we rise and find we are with Him yet!

Is there a floor or ceiling or sides to His Sacred Heart? Is love bounded--or is it ineffable luminosity?


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