Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Beauty of the Ascendancy of the Sacred Heart

The Medieval Carthusian who enthralls my soul with considerations and adorations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, writes:

O Sacred Heart, I adore Thee as victim sacrificed by the ascendancy and power of its own pure love.

Jesus is a victim, sacrificed. We adore Him as victim--and sacrificed by the ascendancy and power of love, of pure love!

This is what St. Silouan the Staretz learned: pure love.

This is what we all must learn in order to be victims sacrificed, for the sacrifice must ascend and be empowered by: pure love.

And Who is Pure Love? We must be victims sacrificed by the ascendancy and power of God!

Keep drawing into the Sacred Heart; nest quietly within the absorption of His Love! Make room in our little hearts to grow large within His ever-expansive Heart of Pure Love. This is all possible, and it can stretch beyond an idea or word into experiential reality.

Humility is the lining of the Sacred Heart. St. Silouan learned this. We know from the Blessed Virgin Mary the requirement of pure love: humility. Lowliness, meekness, basic elemental earth, ground of our beingness, genderless souls in nothingness, nesting within the Sacred Heart that is victim, sacrificied by the ascendancy and power of its pure love!

And again, in adoration, the Carthusian of earthly yore but present day sharing writes:

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I adore the admirable impulses which made Thee all Thy life a victim of love, and led Thee to consummate it by a death of perfect love. Grant by Thy holy grace, my heart may become a living sacrifice, desiring only to be offered up and to offer up all things for Thy greater glory. Amen.


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